Blog Overview
1. MLOps Introduction
2. Scoping The Importance of Scoping in MLOps: A Guide for ML Engineers
3. Introduction to GitHub Basics, Terminology
4. Docker Container Importance, Components, and Benefits
5. Experiment Tracking Importance, Components, and Benefits
6. Data Version Control(DVC) Introduction to DVC
7. Airflow Introduction to Airflow


Lab Overview
GitHub Lab-1 GitHub Actions and Workflows, tests with pytest and unittest
GitHub Lab-2 GitHub Actions - Automating model training, storing and versioning.


Lab Overview
MLflow Lab-1 MLflow - Experiments and Runs
MLlow Lab-2 MLflow - Model Registration, Batch Inference

DVC and Airflow

Lab Overview
DVC and Airflow Lab-1 Using DVC, Airflow, Docker, DAGs.