TA Team

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Sai Akhilesh Ande

Hi there👋, I'm Akhil.

I'm a grad student at the Northeastern University majoring in Data Analytics Engineering. I'm pursuing the career path of a Machine Learning Engineer. To know more about my professional work, please check my LinkedIn.

As a Teaching Assistant, I enjoy teaching Python and interacting with students for their questions. Have a question? Please feel free to reach out to me. Let's solve it together!!

Apart from academics, I spend my casual time in playing video games, learning photography, cooking(Indian Cuisine), watching movies and reading Jeffrey Archer novels.

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Karan Desai

I am a final year graduate student, enrolled in the MS - Data Analytics Engineering program. Worked as a Data Scientist at Quality Kiosk Technologies for couple of years before joining Northeastern and as a Data Science Coop at Taught.Inc as part of NEU’s coop program. Looking forward to pursue my career in the field of Machine Learning and continue developing new skills. I took the Machine Learning course in Summer 2021 and this is my fourth Semester as a TA for the IE 7374 course, now renamed as IE 7300. Feel free to reach out for doubts or if you need guidance with your projects. My interests include reading, playing cricket, snooker, table tennis… you might spot me frequently at the Curry Student Centre :P

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Siddhartha Putti

I am a second-year master’s student at Northeastern University. I am extremely fortunate to work as Teaching Assistant for the course Machine Learning(IE7374).

I am an experienced software developer interested in deep learning architectures. I am currently working on levelling up my skills with CUDA accelerated Pytorch along with NVIDIA profiler on SOTA neural networks. Feel free to reach out with any project ideas/collaborations for the same. I am also broadly interested in un/supervised machine learning and computer vision.

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Yanming Liu

If you were to ask me to describe the ideal data scientist, I would describe someone who possesses a unique research viewpoint, great analytical skills, a generous sharing attitude, and a lifetime learning mindset.

I began my new graduate career in Data Analytics Engineering at Northeastern University after completing the first master’s program in Mechanical Engineering at Shandong University. My potential research lies in improvement of dialogue systems through deep reinforcement learning in near future. The expected outcome would be a generic assistant or chat-bot that can teach the knowledge and accompany people in a personalized and empathetic style. Here is my personal website, which is currently under construction.

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Sachini Weerasekara

I’m a researcher, a second-year Ph.D. student in Industrial Engineering, passionate about enabling a circular economy through Artificial Intelligence. I work on cutting-edge applications of Deep Reinforcement Learning for remanufacturing, to help make remanufacturing cost efficient. Previously, I worked in a couple of Business Intelligence roles where I developed my interest to become an AI researcher. During my free time, I enjoy traveling, cooking (mainly Sri Lankan food, but I love to try different cuisines from around the world), dancing and knitting.

I’m excited to be working as a Teaching Assistant for IE 7300 Statistical Learning for Engineering this Fall. Please feel free to reach out to me on MS Teams or via LinkedIn, anytime.

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Bardia Mouhebat

I am a graduate student at Northeastern University pursuing my Master’s in Data Analytics Engineering. This is my fourth semester at Northeastern and I am currently working at National Grid as a Data Analyst Coop.

I am passionate about Data Science and enjoy improving my knowledge in this field with a focus on Machine Learning and Statistics. My other interests include playing tennis, playing soccer, and working out.

I am extremely excited to be part of the Teaching Assistant team for IE7300 Statistical Learning in Engineering under supervision of Professor Ramin Mohammadi. Please feel free to reach out to me with any queries.

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Ishan Palit

I am a second year master’s student in the Data Analytics Engineering program at Northeastern University. I have previously worked as a Data Science & Analytics Associate at PwC India in multiple projects spanning Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning. You can know more about my research and professional work from my LinkedIn account.

As a Teaching Assistant, I enjoy teaching the finer mathematical aspects of Machine Learning and look forward to answering questions of students.

Apart from work, I am an avid movie buff and enjoy music.

Previous TAs

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Keerthi Godha

I am a final-year graduate student enrolled in Data Analytics Engineering. Glad to work under prof Ramin Mohammadi, Ph.D. as a Machine Learning Teaching Assistant. Professor’s passion in teaching helped me develop an immense interest in gaining in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Having worked as a Data Analytics Engineer in Infrastructure & Operations gave me a better perspective on analyzing data to tackle the problems effectively. I excel at leveraging data analytics and building models to drive insights for data-driven transformations. I am in the cognitive process of learning and currently working towards upskilling myself with Neural Networks and Deep Learning. Feel free to reach out to me if any queries or any project collaborations. Happy learning :)

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Yue Chen

I am a dynamic, analytical data professional with experience in database design and proficient utilization of analytics tools who joined Northeastern University in 2020. Having been working for a consulting company and dealing with ad-hoc client requests, I built up proven capability to manage projects from business requirements and data modeling, followed by precise analytics phase, to insightful results that contributes to the corporate benefits.

My interested topics include Recommender System, and database schema design in business scenarios. Apart from data, I’m a home brewer (ale and cider), a violin player, an undiagnosed OCD patient, a Roman-wannabe.

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Jinchuan He

My name is Jinchuan He, a graduate student from Northeastern University and my major is Data Analytics Engineering. As a Data Analytics Engineering graduate student of Northeastern University, I have a solid knowledge of data analysis, SQL, and programming. During my graduate education, I had successful experience in programming in Python. I have completed many projects successfully and have the ability to deal with practical problems. In addition, during the team project,my problem-solving skills and teamwork skills were enhanced. I can complete the task perfectly in a team. What’s more, I am interested in sports and I often play basketball. I have a good balance between exercise and work.